By completing and submitting this registration form to Interactive Home Therapy Specialists ("IHTS"), I agree:

To fully comply with the rules of the various groups and that IHTS is the sole judge of such observations and that if such rules are breached I may be discharged at the sole-discretion of IHTS;

That I will use the designated password for me and that the password will not under any circumstances be transferred to any other person, once it has been used by me;

To hold harmless: (i) IHTS; (ii) its various employees, agents and owners; (iii) and/or any other person participating in any way, from any and all liability, if any, which might result from my participation and association with IHTS and its network of therapeutic groups;

That IHTS is not intended for individuals in acute need of emergency medical or psychiatric care, and that if there is an emergency situation which poses a danger to ones self, others, or property, it is recommended that emergency room treatment is sought, and/or 911 (within the US) dialed; and

IHTS functions like an Independent Practice Association ("IPA"). IHTS researches and screens the therapists to the best of its ability. Although IHTS provides only the most highly qualified therapists, and offer them "office space" on the InterNet, IHTS is not responsible for their independent practices. IHTS shall not be held responsible for any inaccurate or misrepresented information presented by the therapists on IHTS’ WebPage.