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Welcome to Therapy Ground. With a few keystrokes in the convenience and comfort of your home, you can enter a world of personal understanding and growth. Our popular Interactive Home Therapy Specialists help you resolve your personal and interpersonal issues in an anonymous and confidential social forum of your choice.

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Therapy Ground is designed to be user friendly. It has been designed for people who want to spend their precious time receiving therapy, not fighting traffic, waiting in a lobby, filling out financial applications, or working through a cumbersome computer system. Continuous, 24-hour online access to this site is provided. Quality therapy is emphasized. Only the most experienced and qualified US online therapists help you redesign the parts of your life you wish to work through. The Interactive Home Therapy Specialists system is effective and sets the highest standards in the industry.

  • Convenience of being at your home.

  • Access when you want, not by appointment.

  • Inexpensive, highly effective therapy. Costs at least five times less than conventional psychotherapy (unlimited communication for no extra charge).

  • Safe, anonymous, and confidential. Our password system and data base structure guarantee this so you can say exactly what you need to say.

  • More personal than traditional therapy even though technical. Our work is anonymous, confidential, and safe; therefore, harmful avoidance of important, personal issues related to the physical presence of therapists or group members does not exist. Growth occurs when you are free to deal with the truth at the appropriate level of intimacy.

  • Psychodynamic analysis maximized as the computer screen provides an ideal medium (a blank screen) for projection of drives, wishes/fantasies, and transferences.

  • Cognitive and behavioral analysis is maximized using the precision of the written language.

  • Group therapy advantages are employed, using feedback from several minds, some with different perspective, others with personal experience dealing with your issues.

  • Flexible. Design your own therapy. Create your own program for self growth within the group. Put as much or as little effort in as you want. You will get feedback.

  • No downtime. You can write what you want when you want (i.e., right after you have a phone conversation with a romantic interest); you can type up your thoughts and feelings as they occur, with more accuracy than if you waited until the next week's appointment, when it may have slipped your mind.

  • Very effective for short-term therapy and long-term analysis of complex psychiatric issues.

  • There are opportunities to join groups with specific composition (i.e., musicians) or goals.

  • You know about your therapist's training before you start. The qualifications of your group therapist are included in each group description.

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